What comes next?

A post-graduation at Univali is for you who can achieve much more!

In this graphic animation video, the main goal is to have some deeper thoughts on: when you have an achievement, what’s your next step?

Univali has given us the mission to pass the message that the end is nothing less than a new beginning! Based on this briefing, we got to the  a motion-graphic-based commercial with colours contrasting from another.


02 concept

Another goal, a pass, another pass, THE FINAL MATCH GOAL

01 concept

and parties?

So, what next?

Friendly approach, an acquaintance of long speaking with you … That’s how we win the attention of those who watch the 60″ of this job. The story closes a perfect match with agile motion graphics, change of contrasting colors and effects that make the world  an even more awesome.


What comes after you run 10km?


resting on the couch


or the next 42 kilometes?


And you, what do you think?


What comes after an achivement?