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Skill Paulo Coelho for Amazon Alexa

Listen to inspiring phrases by Paulo Coelho through Amazon Alexa


The thousands of readers of writer Paulo Coelho seek enlightenment in his texts every day. Now they can also hear inspirational phrases from him through Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant.

Cafundó Estúdio Criativo, at the request of Paralela, the author’s publisher, developed the skill “Frases do Paulo Coelho” to celebrate the author’s books. Alexa speaks a selection of excerpts from the books that motivate and bring reflection. The user just needs to say “Alexa, open Frases do Paulo Coelho and inspire me”.

Emotional experience

Cafundó worked on the voice interface design thinking about that person who wants a sentence to start their day or a hint of motivation. Quick conversations and a dialogue flow that got to the point were created. To create an atmosphere of reflection, in addition to Alexa’s voice, the phrases are said by a narrator, giving emotion to the experience.

With Alexa’s skill, in addition to having the world of the writer’s books, his fans can hear Paulo Coelho’s knowledge as if he was at their side.


Try the skill for Alexa at Amazon – and get inspired!