Agência MUSICA

MUSICA Agency Website

Inovation without permission


Challenging  the average

That was the spirit when Agencia MUSICA came to us with the briefing. Then we took over and let the imagination flow to come up with an attractive and interactive website.

Focused, with good taste and trying different possibilities we were able to develop remarkable  features. Through a fluid and engaging navigation the website communicates the know how and innovation that MUSICA adds to the market

On every screen, we aimed for an inviting harmony and neat and colorful composition.





The website was planned inside out.  We chose the most appropriate languages to optimize efficiency.

A clever blend of HTML5, Javascript, Webgl and CSS3.

In order to optimize the development, we’ve created a new tool to compress the files: the Minifile Generator. Soon it will leave Cafundó to reach the world.