New Holland

Virtual Harvester Simulator

An experience that simulates the use of a New Holland harvester at events and trade shows.


Cafundó has developed a simulator in order to make the New Holland customer experience how is using the CR 8090 harvester at events. Always thinking about providing an experience with maximum precision, we developed a super interactive action and, with a dash of technology, we designed interfaces that guide the user throughout the experience.


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Since the beginning of the project, we have always thought of the complete experience, so Cafundó went to a very far away place in the state of Bahia to ensure that the capture of the scenes for the production and editing of the video were excellent.

After that we receive the captured files, we began the development of the interfaces, putting a little bit of our own personality into action, and projecting the arts with a futuristic and modern footprint.


Artboard 3Artboard 4


After the development of the arts and the edition of the 360 degree video, we set out to finalize the experience implementing all of the intelligence while usability tests were done.

With the product finished, we packed all the necessary structure and took to the New Holland event in Ribeirão Preto/SP. The simulator was a great success at the event, ensuring that the stand was crowded all the time and attracting many people to try out the virtual harvester.

We know it, interactive experiences engage people much more, bringing effective results that mark the memory of those who participated in the experience.


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