Sicoob SC/RS

Sicoob Sustainability

Animação feita em comemoração aos 30 anos de história da organização Sicoob Oestecredi.

The Sicoob SC/RS is  a company committed to the results generated by the interactions and impacts of human decisions and, therefore, they developed a management program based on creating sustainable value using the slogan “thinking the future in the present.”

To explain these values, Cafundó Creative Studio has created a dynamic video that shows the challenges of Sicoob SC/RS sustainability policy.

Aesthetic Chosen

As aesthetic appeal, a dynamic identity was created with rapid recognition of icons and accompanying the rhythm of narration telling the story of the video.

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Sicoob03 Sicoob01 2

The video was able to convey all concepts and aspects developed in the campaign, giving the idea of fluidity with the elements and animations developed and highlighting the values shared by the brand.

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