Sicoob – 30 years

Animação feita em comemoração aos 30 anos de história da organização Sicoob Oestecredi.

Sicoob celebrates in February 30 years since its foundation and to commemorate the date, Cafundó made a video to show the result of years of work of the organization, which became important fomenting of social and economic development in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Below see all the materialization of the idea and the development process of the project.


To commemorate the date, the campaign used the central slogan “Everything in life has its time, but the Sicoob Oestecredi is present in all of them” showing real people and different age groups who rely on the services provided by Sicoob and the relationship of trust established by the cooperative.

These people become gradually illustrations, giving an aesthetic look for the video of a story written together between Sicoob and the people who passed by the organization.



giphy (18)

Aesthetic Chosen

Regarding the aesthetics, style was chosen more “loose” illustration to refer the idea that all people who have been in contact with the cooperative in some way marked and wrote the history of the organization, so the animations accompany the pace of dialogues and the progress of the storytelling.

Video_4_07 giphy (14)

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The video could represent very well the essence of the work done by the cooperative and also bring out the emotional aspect combined with the brand of Sicoob built in its 30 years of experience and responsibility to its customers.