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Bela, The Christmas Ornament

An animation about the magic of Christmas displayed alternately between two screens and a holographic pyramid

Two Screens + Hologram

One of the most challenging parts of the project was the exibition of the animation between two screens and a holographic pyramid during its display. In this way, the public felt immersed in the history and also interacting with it. Like shows the illustrative video above.


Now, take a look in the complete animation and how was the process of development:

Creation of Characters

After looking at many references and do some studies, they left the characters in our history. Belinha, the pomegranate that, on Christmas day, turns into a Christmas Ornament, the boy, the boy’s father and the guiding star that heralds the arrival of Christmas.


The Development of Scenarios

The scenarios were a part of the project that demanded greater dedication, references are sought of what we wanted as a graphic unit and also we had dedicated time and attention to the details and quality graphics arts.

Cena_07 cena_10 cena_11 Cena_08

Finishing the Project

As completion and finishing, it was dedicated time in the refinement of the graphics and also in refining the scenes animations. We obtained a good result of graphic quality and also, as regards the technological challenge, we received a positive feedback from the public in the category innovation.

cena_12_1_00086 cena_11_00913