Sadia’s Recipes for Amazon Alexa

Learn how to cook with Sadia products using Amazon Alexa


How about using a voice assistant to help you make a tasty meal? To help their customers, Sadia and the Africa agency sought Cafundó Estúdio Criativo to develop a Christmas recipe skill for Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, using their products of the season (turkey, tender, etc.).

To access the skill, the user just says “Open Sadia” for Alexa to present several recipes developed by the brand’s consulting chefs and the Tastemade recipe channel, such as peru à brasileira, peru recheado caprese, tender with pineapple sauce, among others. Alexa lists the ingredients and accompanies the user step by step in cooking the recipe.

Innovation and Ease

The voice interface was developed so that the user can easily find the recipe they are looking for and be able to cook without having to interrupt their process to look at the cell phone or the old recipe book. Several tests were carried out to find the best conversation flow and generate a tone of sympathy and emotion in the voice.

The skill can be accessed by any smartphone or device connected to Alexa, including a graphical interface for Amazon Echo, for example. She is part of the “SadI.A” initiative, created by the Africa agency, which this year has the concept “The more you know about Christmas, the better Sadia gets”. Over time new recipes will be added.

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put on your chef’s hat and say: “Alexa, ask Sadia for a recipe for Tender.”


Try the skill for Alexa at Amazon – 
and get ready to cook!