Augmented Reality for safety

AR for construction safety

Check this out this Augmented reality application for safety environment in the Construction Site.

Technology is getting closer and closer to you, whether at home or at the construction site, where using a drone it is possible to inspect and identify dangerous conditions. In this educational game, Cafundó created an app for Sesi that uses Augmented Reality technology and challenges the player to find errors/problems in a construction site, always aiming at learning about safety and health at work.

The experience in Augmented Reality

Realidade Aumentada Sesi from Cafundó Estúdio Criativo on Vimeo.

In the game, the vision of a drone is simulated through your smartphone or tablet, which when positioning in certain places of a specific SESI’s piece of education, the camera is activated and an Augmented Reality content begins to show animated characters working on a construction site. The player’s objective is to determine within the safety rules if the character is acting correctly or not.



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