AR for children education


Stimulate learning is not an easy task and it is increasingly necessary to reinvent this process creating alternatives that motivate the student and contribute to their training. Technological resources are revolutionizing education creating a range of options and possibilities. And based on that, Estúdio Criativo Cafundó created for Grupo Editorial Richmond, interactions in Augmented Reality for the covers of some school materials. An application was developed, with contents in Augmented Reality for the cover of 5 English teaching books for children.

Augmented Reality Experiences

The Augmented Reality experience creates a magical immersion for students, facilitating the absorption of didactic content in a faster and more practical way. To activate the content, the kids position the smartphone pointing to the covers of the books where the interaction takes place. Cafundó created all stages of the project and the construction of the App, making interactions with characters and scenarios, showing all the diversity of content identified with Richmond’s children’s audience.


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