NDesign Parahyba 2016

Application of Augmented Reality

An application in augmented reality and a view in 360 degree that enhances the connectivity between people.

NDesign is the national meeting of design students held annually in Brazil. In 2016, the event was held in João Pessoa in Paraiba and Cafundó helped in order to improve for the event the connection between people.


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First of all, connectivity!

Cafundó tried to escape of a conventional application and make something more functional for the participants of the event. We want to contribute with the connectivity between people.

For this, nothing better than exploring the potential of what is best stuff in these meetings: the participants!
Meet some functions of the application below:


Custom avatar

And to contribute with the process of connection, nothing better than a custom avatar so they can recognize each other in the event.

So we created a way to generate each participant a personal avatar with the default event filter for use in social networking, all this in an easy and automated way.


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Brand in augmented reality

We believe that even the brand of an event has the potential to interact with people.
Therefore, we developed an animation of the logo of the event to be viewed in Augmented Reality interacting with the real environment. A great union between the real environment and the virtual environment.


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See all the participants of the event in 360 degrees

To increase connectivity, we invented a way of the participants seeing each other in 360 degrees, so that they can use that in social medias. A feature that enhances the networking between people!


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So, did you like it?

Download the app for free for Android and iOS.

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