Cafundó Estúdio Criativo

Metaverse Fashion Experience

An interactive experience in which Cafundó combined the Fashion world and the Metaverse.



“I Love the Nightlife” – Metaverse Fashion Experience is a playful and surprising interactive experience that brings Fashion into the Metaverse. In it, the user controls a mannequin that walks through a virtual club, being able to change its appearance, wear different types of clothes and even do incredible dance moves. Each area in the club has a kind of music as a theme: KPop, Disco and DEM. Initially made for Desktop, “I Love the Nightlife” shows that you can create a fun shopping experience that sets trends.


Playing a mannequin


We created a character in the form of a mannequin, which can change its “skin” to textures of lava, ice and marble. We wanted to take advantage of the maxim “Be whoever you want” possible by the metaverse. The user controls the character through the keyboard, mouse or joystick, being able to move between environments, dress up and even do different dance moves, using the party atmosphere of the experience.


Clothes that fit well


The clothes that the user tries on are about the Club themes. A space textured dress (KPop), a sparkly basic shirt and pants (Disco) and a holographic rainbow-style sweatshirt (DEM) are available. Cafundó spared no imagination to make everything surprising and fun.

In order for the clothes to be as natural as possible on the mannequin, the clothes interact in real time with the movement made by the user/character. For this, the team used real time physics applied in the Unity software, animations made by motion capture of real people from the 3D library Mixamo, a lot of technique and sweat. The result was as if the user were wearing the clothes in a real environment, albeit in a universe with its own rules.


Environment and effects


Using an art gallery as a starting point, the team divided the areas according to the theme, but maximizing abstraction and surprise. After all, if we are in the metaverse, why do it like the real world? For the KPop area, a colorful world was created, full of neon, with soap bubbles and glowing particles floating around.



The Disco environment is open-air at night, where hovering butterflies and mirror globes bring a playful glamor to the experience. Finally, the DEM area has a techno vibe, with suspended geometric shapes and lettering inspired by the Matrix movie creating a waterfall.

In addition, mirrors were strategically positioned so that the user/character can better see how the clothes fit on their body and make different combinations between skin textures, virtual clothes and areas.


Virtual Reality

“I Love the Nightlife” – Metaverse Fashion Experience was created so that Cafundó can explore and experience with its customers the diverse opportunities of Metaverso. Initially it was made for interaction through Desktop, but it will soon get a version in Virtual Reality, exploring even more the limits of the virtual world.



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