Dom Bosco

Educational games in augmented reality

Learning, telling and imagining with the educational games in the augmented reality Don Bosco.


In a digital age filled with information, schools need to reinvent their methods of education. Besides competing with the various digital content, educational methods need to draw children’s attention using attractive materials.

That is why the Pearson group’s Dom Bosco educational system came to Cafundó in order to create an educational app for children ages 4 to 6 years old that was interactive, entertaining and uses augmented reality.

In the app there were 15 augmented reality games, wich were designed to have a fun intro that invited the child to play with the games and begin the child´s experience. All available technology resources were used to create a magical and playful atmosphere in games.


The games guides the children into a magical environment in which didactic content is applied to augmented reality.

In order to activate the games, the children place the cell phone in the printed educational material in order to show augmented reality animations and games. The studio has kept the characters of Turminha Dom Bosco, exploring their diversity and identification with the children’s audience.




To create all the interactions in the games, Cafundó made several tests with students. Prototypes using the actions of the touching, finger positioning, among others were planned with the children in mind.

The final touch was the art direction and animation, creating a fun experience.



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