Intelbras Hotspot 300

2D animation for Intelbras’ new WiFi technology

The facilities of the new Hot Spot 300 from Intelbras for your business. Your customers don’t need a password to access WiFi Internet, just  check in on their Facebook pages. To convey the idea of speed, connection and fluidity of the product, we translated the idea into a 2D animation in modern style, light and fast movements.



Getting started with the Story Board

The main character represents professionals of nowadays, who are always connected and have various tasks to be done.

A place to represent businesses whose clients seek fast WiFi connections: The Café Luiz.





Wide scenarios and luminosity

The concept led to warm and spacious environments, referring to the idea of speed and modernity.





Self identification: Ana and The Café Luiz

The animation shows two characters, and it’s impossible not to feel like them. Ana, who’s always doing a thousand things, represents modern professionals. Luiz, the entrepreneur who wants to give the best service and win more fans and brand awareness.




Objects Intervention

Speed not only on the facts and the chracters’ lives, but also in the scenarios.






Intelbras Hot Spot 300, the perfect solution for many different businesses.