Parque da Bruxinha Catarina

Holography Box – Bruxinha Catarina

A box that captures and generates a real-time video to be viewed in an holographic pyramid.

The Multimedia Project

The design of the Bruxinha Catarina had the initial goal of being an animated series.

However, we noticed a huge potential for expansion to other media and supports.


Thus, after the development of the characters and animation DVDs of Bruxinha Catarina,

We decided to face a new challenge: to generate real-time video of children for holography.


Well, Cafundó loves a technological challenge,

so check then the entire development process 🙂


One of the ideas was to expand the universe of Bruxinha Catarina with a children’s theme park.
Thus, as an idea of attraction for the park, we think of approach and popularize a new technology: the holography.

The idea came to create a remarkable experience for those who know the park,

So that parents could take a souvenir of their children in an unconventional way.

giphy (3) giphy (1)


To create the holographic box, a lot of prototyping and experimentation were necessary.
We had several challenges for the software and the physical product, so we have to try several times to get the desired result.

The final project had very satisfactory results,

Always getting good feedback and being an innovative and very attractive to the public.


_A child enters the room and in 10 seconds he is going to be recorded doing something funny;

_The video is generated in real time on the server;

_After complete, the video is sent directly to the parent’s e-mail;

_With an holographic pyramid placed in the cellphone, the hologram can be viewed.

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