Holloween for Hololens

Control a brave monster hunter in extended reality.


‘Holloween’ is an augmented reality game for Microsoft Hololens, developed by Cafundó. The game tells the story of a brave monster huntress on Halloween. The hunter’s mission in the game is to defeat castle’s evil creatures such as Skeletons, Bats, Ghosts, Pumpkin Heads and even Frankenstein.



Cafundó took the advantage of the physical world movement allowed by Microsoft Hololens to create a different gameplay which makes the player become the control of the character.

In a haunting environment, the player controls the hunter’s movement as he walks around the castle. The levels will only be completed when all the evil creatures are defeated by the huntress.



In Holloween, player emerges in the scary environment of Halloween having fun with the unique game design challenges.

Challenge your friends on this adventure!
Download the game from the Microsoft Store