The National Day of Construction

Ações interativas e tecnológicas para deixar o evento ainda mais especial e inteligente.

In The National Day of Construction, SESI wants to materialize some actions in order to commemorate the date in an interactive and technological way, as we used to make it. The goal point was to show that SESI cares a lot about safety at work in a creative way, of course.

The event, held in more than 50 cities, featured three experiences made by us in its realization: an Virtual Reality Experience in 360 degrees, a Touch and Interactive Table and an Anaglyph Video developed to be used with a 3D glasses. All the actions were made to emphasize the safety precautions at work and also the proper use of personal protective equipment. Take a look at the projects and discover new ways to make creative actions for events.


In order to create a good experience, we recreated in a 3D environment some problems that could occur in a real factory, and we focus in make the user pay attention to the environment in which it was inserted and feel immersed in a real situation with real risks. In a fun and gamed way, the user discovered the dangers and thus understand problems that often go unnoticed in cotiano work.

To develop the experience, we combined the 3D with virtual reality and, in order to make the product even more accessible, we have developed the experience for tablets and smartphones, so everyone can take the product to wherever they want.



Anaglyph 3D Video

Aiming to raise awareness of the use of PPE at work, the video was made with a technology to be viewed with 3D glasses. Thus, the user can watch two types of video just closing one eye. When the user closes one eye, he can see the story of Mr. Right (an employee who properly use PPE in day-to-day) and when changing the eye, he watches the story of Don Sloppy (an employee who doesn’t use the PPE correctly).



Touch and Interactive Table

In order to make the employees understand the importance of using PPE, we created a Touch and Interactive Table that teaches good habits for make people protected from many risks at work. In a gamed and fun way, the audience learns playing and get involved with the game.




More than crazy, the experiences brought good results for the event of the National Construction Day, making it more interactive and attractive so people learned playing the risks at work and also on the role of SESI in ensuring good working conditions for its employees.

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