Environmental Education with Augmented Reality

Exhibition explores flora, fauna and ecotech through technology.

Getting the attention of children (and sometimes adults) at the times is increasingly difficult and to solve this issue Cafundó developed an augmented reality app in partnership with Estúdio Laborg for the exhibition “Territories in Transformation” at SESC Guarulhos.



Through the app, you can get to know the fauna and flora of the region, seeing in your hands miniatures of the araucaria, the striped owl, and the small cuíca, which weighs only 29 grams in adulthood. The application reads cards arranged for visitors and shows 3D models in augmented reality. In addition, one can explore the ecotechnics used in the SESC unit to reduce energy and waste costs, such as the solar panel, green roof and cross ventilation.


realidade virtual sesc


realidade aumentada sesc cards


The app is part of the various interactions promoted by CEA, the Environmental Education Center of SESC Guarulhos and promotes connections between people and the environment. Are you in São Paulo? Visit SESC Guarulhos for this project!


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