Dental Speed

DentCrush Game

Get to know the dental universe of DentCrush.

With today’s online sales competition, digital brands need to be innovating daily to attract their customers. In the dental field this is no different, that is why Dental Speed, the leading dental marketing company in Brazil, sought out the Cafundó to create a remarkable experience for their clients.

To create such experience for dentists, Cafundó has developed a 60 level match three game with a 3D office and illustrated equipment that is usually marketed by Dental Speed.


The game design of DentCrush transforms the dental world into a fun universe, inviting the player to set up his own office with the equipment acquired through the levels of the game.

At each stage a dental office equipment is delivered as a reward. The player can only complete the game when he gets all the equipment in the office.


In the game, office equipment features were highlighted so users could quickly identify it. The illustration of the dental office and equipment in 3D modeling with isometric view were made to value objects and aesthetically transforming it in a pleasant and beautiful scenario.


Do you want to know more about the dental universe of DentChush?

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