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The Game of Thrones on Virtual Reality

Come to know the VR game from The Game of Thrones saga.


The hype from the books that had turn into a tv series started in 2011, and now, in 2019, the saga came to an end… well at least on the screen, because on  paper it goes on, and we won’t be out of it. In association with Editora Suma from Companhia das Letras and Nerd Store, we developed a virtual reality game, the result you see now.


The Game of Thrones is a game where you explore The Wall, the Heart Tree from Isle of Faces, the Dungeons in King’s Landing, and of course, the Great Hall. 


All of them modeling in 3D and transform in virtual reality, transport the user to the immersive and interactive world from George R. R. Martin. Beyond that, the users also answer some questions referring to A Song of Ice and Fire Chronicles to get exclusives rewards.



Do you want to take a ride in Westeros?

To download the app access Google Play and Apple Store.