After all, # MCisMC right?

Live action meets 3D in this campaign for McDonald´s.


McDonald’s partnered with Dead Pixel productions worked with us to model and animate 3D food for their brazilian campaign “After all # MCisMC right?”. To create a more engaging media, the campaign mixes live actors with 3D food characters.

In the campaign, a hamburger, a portion of french fries and a milkshake straw come to life and interact with the actors in a fun way with an unusual narrative. The campaign present 3 Ads, stating that at McDonald’s peoples´s money always worth more.




While the real live shooting was produced by Dead Pixel, the studio began to 3d modeling the food. After many touches, the 3D models became more and more like the real ones!

By the end of the project, the objects still needed to be animated. For this to happen, home videos produced in the studio were used to create the personification of each food, like the one where french fries “fingers” did a shoulder massage.



With our work of 3D modeling and animation the food came to life and became the real protagonists of the movies!


After all # MCisMC, right?

Check out the campaign on the McDonald’s channel