New Holland

Augmented reality in agriculture

Experience the new equipment of the New Holland company.

Cafundó has developed an augmented reality experience to introduce the new equipment made by New Holland. The company is a multinational manufacturer of implements for agriculture, industry and construction.

The largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in Latin America has contacted Cafundó to create a new communication for its equipment for harvesting, spraying and seeding.

The main goal of the company was to create an impactful and efficient experience so their sellers could better show their equipment for the customers at fairs. Cafundó has created a augmented reality experience to enhance their visibility and engagement.


At the beginning of the project, Cafundó transformed all the equipment information into a much more creative and innovative communication.

There was already the printed folders, so the developers got their hands at work to turn a sheet of paper into  three-dimensional interactions.


gif4 gif5


After the briefing, the project started with 3D modeling and textures on the equipment to make the entire digital environment.

As a finishing touch, an interface has been added to turn the information more attractive and the navigation smooth.




New Holland’s augmented reality experience is designed to impact the customer at trade shows. Using interaction, the company can reach and surprise everyone that is around the event.

In addition, the innovation can expand the company’s communication and engage with people creating unique and striking moments.



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