360º Experience MX Vision

Cafundó has created a driving simulation in virtual reality for Riffel Motospirit.

The experience, developed in order to be used with Oculus Rift, can also be seen in version 360 degrees made for YouTube on the desktop or smartphone:


The project, designed for the event Salão Duas Rodas 2015 in São Paulo, was developed to make the customer of Riffel Motospirit experience the feeling of riding a motorcycle off road using the new eyewear brand concept: the MX Vision. The MX Vision presents visual information while the motorcyclist drives, and contains several utilities during the route, for example to record photos and videos, speed, mileage, temperature and more.


Result and Exhibition

In addition to the 360 video to Youtube, the product was exhibited at the Salão Duas Rodas 2015 in São Paulo, being adapted for be used with Oculus Rift. We have obtained great approval of the material that attracted many people every day  and also conducted the user in an extremely rich experience simulating the use of the new product Riffel Motospirit, the MX Vision glasses.


A Challenge

Besides being used as a simulation of a product, Virtual Reality is a technology with many applications and are extremely attractive and recent. Providing to the user an immersion proposed by the company environment and also emotionate the user.

Capture 360 degrees

The capture is also a great challenge, you must think about image stabilization, good quality video, editing and other elements that will be at the interface. For the MX Vision project, the capture of images was made in Socorro-SP and had to ensure a lot of design requirements, therefore, we were personally witness and helped with the capture.



Interface Development

Virtual reality is an extremely engaging technology, so the interface should support and enhance the user that must feel to be present in the virtual environment.

The User Interfaces created for the MX Vision needed to be properly sized and legible, ensuring that the user could clearly follow the information on the route.