Peninha e Cascaes


A kid discovers the existence of fantastic beings in his town and will have to face the evil Great Witch with his best friend.


In the city of Desterro, there's a place where fantastic beings that have always made part of the folk imaginary live at ease without being bothered. Only one person has known this place personally and as punishment has being imprisoned inside a children story book.


In the animated series Peninha e Cascaes, Peninha is a ten year old boy fascinated by the fantastic world of the folk stories. He has always believed in the characters of the stories he has heard from his grandpa. His fascination has only made him the weird kid among the others of Desterro. His life changes when he finds an old book at the town´s bookstore that will set free Cascaes, a boy of the same age as Peninha, but it´s from his grandpa´s time. Cascaes has been locked for years in the book, a punishment by the Great Witch that has caught him spying at the Witch Convention. Cascaes will reveal to Peninha a world that him and his grandpa always believed to exist.



26 episodes of 13 minutes each
7 a 11 anos
Comedy, Adventure