Blog series which features the talents of the studio, the ones who compose our pulsating atmosphere;

Golden Coins: Pamella Pesarelli, 3D artist.

OI #GoldenCoins shows our 3D Artist Pamella Pesareli and her adventures around the 3D world.

Prata da Casa: James Brelaz, el Motion Designer

#GoldenCoins comes in this glory Monday to shake a little bit of your life. Today we talk about our precious James Brelaz, the Motion Designer that always has a hidden trick and know all the questions we may have about anything. (specially softwares!) Brelax, Breláz, Brêlaz. How long are you here at Cafundó and what […]

#PratadaCasa 4: Giovanni Girardi, Ilustrador.

Let’s discober the other golden coins of the yellow house?? Today we’re gonna talk about the main front of Illustration in Cafundó: Giovanni Girardi. It’s an old buddy we have since 2010, and so on he has engalarged our borders and gave a special shine to our work. Just about he got here, he joined […]

#PratadaCasa 03 – Roland Roderjan

strong>#GoldenCoinathe 3rd has arrived! We are going to talk about out rcreative resources inside the studio. Today is a special date for designers in Brazil so let’s talk about our Art Web director. He whom has, besides some other stories, is a graduated designer from UFPR – city of Curitiba.. Roland Roderjan is the guy […]

#Pratadacasa 02: Douglas da Silva

If you haven’t seen our #GoldenCoin01, this is a special moment where  Cafundó is revealing to the world the talented ones that make our team shine abroud.. Now #GoldenCoins 2nd edition is gonna talk about a boy who came here to let everything work fine. This guy programmed this blog: if everything works, he is […]

Prata da Casa #1 – Felipe Fox

Cafundó is gonna to share its #GoldenCoins: the brave heros who passed through our trembling selection, slaying dragons and Léo-ns so they could seat at ease in a throne of the Yellow House. Ok, maybe not. But they are our precious creative resources that are able to transform fabulous ideas into reality. The one who […]

The last news of our creative lab.


Get to know the app that will help you sum points to your games.

Calendário 2014

Como você gostaria de se retratar em 2014?


We should always be very cautious about our healthy, specially about heart attacks.

Pílula 01: Moustache Fever

O bonde do Mr. Biggous trazendo alegria para a sua vida.


Num ato repentino, nosso companheiro Galo Inácio deu no pé e descabelou todo mundo por aqui. Onde ele se meteu?!

Manifesto Social

Arranjamos um jeito de lidar com todas as notícias das manifestações. Acompanhe o feed de jornais e redes sociais ao mesmo tempo.
Join our saga in producing an animated short film.

Novo Job e Tutorial de Rigging 2D

CG & Motion / Our Stuff / Tutorial

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posted by in 21 Nov of 2014

Kinect, projection, Eliane and Cafundó. A story.

CG & Motion / Interactive / Our Stuff

While we are having some busy time at the studio, there in São Paulo …the race is even faster! Cafundo is making an appearence at “Expo Coating” trade fair . Our partners Eliane Coatings called us to do an interactive environment where visitors can digitally view the different finishes of the collection. One gesture, and the […]

posted by in 17 Mar of 2014

MAKING OF: The rendering way

CG & Motion / Our Stuff

That’s it: one of the pre-requisites for working with rendering is a pack of patience with good will. Do you know the quantity of tests a 3D artist usually makes to test the rendering, – illumination, testering, etc?S We have made some GIFs to make this point very clear of a project that we have […]

posted by in 26 Feb of 2014

Google it: Cafundó

CG & Motion / Our Stuff

Have you ever searched your own name on Google? Well, Cafundó is an established word in the dictionary and is contained in popular expressions throughout the country. Of course, when you search for this queue, many things appear. Including  totally different  business andproducts, but keep something in common with us: A masculine noun meaning “a […]

posted by in 30 Jan of 2014

Cafundó doing animated series.

CG & Motion / Our Stuff

We have some good news to spread to the world!! Here’s the story: We can’t  deny that we like to animate things. Five years ago the studio was born for that.: animating is part of our DNA. So, some time ago we started to stalk  the market of content production such as for TV series. […]

posted by in 13 Dec of 2013

“Jardim das Delicias” at

CG & Motion / Our Stuff

We are glad to tell you that we have another prize in Cafundó! As we have been spreading all over theseas, the music video we produced for the band Sociedade Soul was a candidate for the award for best music video for the Award of the Santa Catarina Music. As the last step of this […]

posted by in 4 Dec of 2013

Pílula 01 – Moustache Fever

CG & Motion / Our Stuff

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posted by in 7 Oct of 2013

3 Sweep – the revolution of 3D

CG & Motion / Staff Picks

Keep this name: Sweep 3. This new software makes people go like “wooooooooow.” Sweep 3 is the result of the study of scientists from a university in Israel. The guys have developed an experimental software that can recognize and extract 3D objects one simple digital photo. Ok, we have seen some already great 3D modeling […]

posted by in 23 Sep of 2013

lab stories – o sumiço do galo

CG & Motion / Our Stuff

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posted by in 20 Aug of 2013