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Golden Coins: Pamella Pesarelli, 3D artist.

OI #GoldenCoins shows our 3D Artist Pamella Pesareli and her adventures around the 3D world.

Prata da Casa: James Brelaz, el Motion Designer

#GoldenCoins comes in this glory Monday to shake a little bit of your life. Today we talk about our precious James Brelaz, the Motion Designer that always has a hidden trick and know all the questions we may have about anything. (specially softwares!) Brelax, Breláz, Brêlaz. How long are you here at Cafundó and what […]

#PratadaCasa 4: Giovanni Girardi, Ilustrador.

Let’s discober the other golden coins of the yellow house?? Today we’re gonna talk about the main front of Illustration in Cafundó: Giovanni Girardi. It’s an old buddy we have since 2010, and so on he has engalarged our borders and gave a special shine to our work. Just about he got here, he joined […]

#PratadaCasa 03 – Roland Roderjan

strong>#GoldenCoinathe 3rd has arrived! We are going to talk about out rcreative resources inside the studio. Today is a special date for designers in Brazil so let’s talk about our Art Web director. He whom has, besides some other stories, is a graduated designer from UFPR – city of Curitiba.. Roland Roderjan is the guy […]

#Pratadacasa 02: Douglas da Silva

If you haven’t seen our #GoldenCoin01, this is a special moment where  Cafundó is revealing to the world the talented ones that make our team shine abroud.. Now #GoldenCoins 2nd edition is gonna talk about a boy who came here to let everything work fine. This guy programmed this blog: if everything works, he is […]

Prata da Casa #1 – Felipe Fox

Cafundó is gonna to share its #GoldenCoins: the brave heros who passed through our trembling selection, slaying dragons and Léo-ns so they could seat at ease in a throne of the Yellow House. Ok, maybe not. But they are our precious creative resources that are able to transform fabulous ideas into reality. The one who […]

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Prata da Casa: James Brelaz, el Motion Designer

Silver of da House / posted by in 6 May of 2013

#GoldenCoins comes in this glory Monday to shake a little bit of your life.

Today we talk about our precious James Brelaz, the Motion Designer that always has a hidden trick and know all the questions we may have about anything. (specially softwares!)


Brelax, Breláz, Brêlaz. How long are you here at Cafundó and what are the usual roles you take in every job?
I’m in the studio for about two years and a half, and my role is usually animation 2d / 3d and mainly post productio and finalizing videos for TV and Internet. I have also participated in various projects for web platforms, involving product modeling and animation tool for web.


How did you discovered you wanted to work with CG, and how long do you work with it?
I work with computer graphics for almost a decade. I started treating digital photos, working with my father who is a professional photographer, but I realized that those photos could not come to life and move inside Photoshop. So I decided to learn After Effects to create animated graphics, since then, I studied several tutorials and online courses to learn various techniques of motion and vfx. As already animated graphics in 2d, soon became interested in breaking into the 3rd dimension, learning 3D software, where I could expand my creative possibilities.

What are the inside Jobs you most enjoyed making??
I have attended several interesting projects, and each one I always brought me new technical and conceptual knwoledge.

Some as a team member and others solving it alone, such as the video made for Telefonica technology to provide data transmission. As a team, really enjoyed doing animation 2D motion for Google , which was a great challenge to animate 5 videos about online marketing services from Google.


The Mormaii 3.0 job was also interesting because both joined the staff focused on web development and staff focused on video. My main role was to create the animation for the intro tutorial teaching you how to customize the glasses Mormaii in direct interactive platform created by Cafundó

Another great job that involved all abilities was the development of a virtual environment for the brand of shoes Vionee, created to customize shoes and sell them just the way they were created. During the process, I made lots of 3D shoes models and optional accessories.

Outside the studio, you have made a lot of Freelancing. What are the ones you most enjoyed?

As a freelances, I’ve made some jobs for Lacta, Clube Social, Tic Tac andDiageo.


But one of the most fun was creating 2D animation for Pro , a marketing tool Online for weddings. In this job, I received a briefing from the client, and so I myself created the script for the video, storyboars, concepts and animated everything and still did SFX.


Do you have any side-project in mind?

I have several personal projects in my mind, most of them involving online marketing is for sales of digital products. I’m also planning to create my new Reel motion design, my útimo was in 2010 and, since then has evolved quite my skills and have accumulated many quality jobs for the Reel.

To find James Brelaz around, you have many options:


His Portfolio gathers the top jobs:


His Vimeoprofile gathers a lot of videos, jobs and motion graphics studies: His Likes at Vimeo  is like his inspirational

His twitter is only RSS that’s why it gather a lot of interesting videos, sites and tutorials about VFX, motion graphics, design, etc.., His Fan Page no Facebook share his works among the web.

And Finally, hisfacebook group Motion Designers gathers many profissionals that share experiences, jobs and discussions about CG.reúne diversos profissionais que trocam experiências e trabalhos, e discutem técnica em CG.  Check it