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Kama sutra tecnológico

Our Stuff / posted by in 14 Feb of 2013

New technology objects have made us create strong and vicionus behaviour. Stop to think about how inhuman are the postures technologies force upon us. And so comes the drama question: are the gadgets accommodating us, or are we accommodating the gadgets?

(give me some drama music! yeah!)

A group from Art Center College of Design ( Nicolas Nova, Katherine Miyake, Nancy Kwon, e Walton Chiu) are studing and illustrating how these gestures affects our social life. After five years of studies, they noticed some patterns on the way people interact with tablets, cellphones, video-games and so on.

The result is this book, Curious Rituals,that gathers all the strange ways we bend our bodies to technology.

The PDF file is over here. And this is theblog of the group.

Down below, you can see the kama sutra of technology:

>> Remote Controlo

“A classic RC move consists in the user raising the remote right in front of him, forcibly pressing the buttons or shaking it up and down. These micro-gestures are mostly performed when there is a gap between performance and intention”

>> Video Game controller

“This gesture is the video-game counterpart of the previous case: shaking a game controller with no motion sensor. It can often be observed with people playing games they are not necessarily used to, in particular racing games such as Mario Kart.”

>> Prayer Book:

“This is a gesture that potentially has its origin in paperback book reading where the object or text is held between two hands. The “prayer book” user solemnly grips the device in a way that may reflect the nature of the task performed (reading a long webpage, contemplating pictures).”

>> Obssessive:

“These digital obsessives have their cell screen within reaching distance at all times. They repeatedly lean their heads down, checking for signs of any potential updates such as SMS, emails, or any app notifications.”

>>The Periscope

“Users also deploy their arm as if it’s a periscope when trying to focus on something not at eye level. Holding a phone for too long in this position may lead to a problem commonly encountered with gestural interfaces: the “gorilla arm”, which refers to the heaviness one feels in one’s arm after holding a device out for any significant length of time.”

“The move is even more fascinating when seen in public venues such as concerts or sports events; where it becomes a new social ritual for the crowd, performed together as if the spectacle is secondary to the data collection process.”

>> Cell trance

“People walking around when talking on their mobile phone is a common behavior. Referred to as “Cell Trance” in the Urban Dictionnary, this way of moving back and forth is often seen in public venues such as hallways, sidewalks, train platforms, bus stops or shopping malls. To onlookers, the erratic perambulation looks aimless, as if the caller is detached from his surroundings, absorbed in a private sonic universe”

>> Lazy viewer:

“The “laptop immersion posture”. It corresponds to using the laptop in bed with its screen in close proximity to the user’s face, in order to achieve an intimate digital experience. Generally used for film viewing, it might be seen as the equivalent of reading under a blanket with a pocket light, creating a controlled and amplified illusion of immersion”

Which one of the gestures to you see yourself into? :O

To understand how people are using the gadgets make you think about it: Should be easier. Is it everything so ergonomically fitted as they always say in the TV ad?

You know, I think we are far from being confortable. And we’re only going out of this when we start to think about technology in the envirelment, not the object