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Golden Coins: Pamella Pesarelli, 3D artist.

OI #GoldenCoins shows our 3D Artist Pamella Pesareli and her adventures around the 3D world.

Prata da Casa: James Brelaz, el Motion Designer

#GoldenCoins comes in this glory Monday to shake a little bit of your life. Today we talk about our precious James Brelaz, the Motion Designer that always has a hidden trick and know all the questions we may have about anything. (specially softwares!) Brelax, Breláz, Brêlaz. How long are you here at Cafundó and what […]

#PratadaCasa 4: Giovanni Girardi, Ilustrador.

Let’s discober the other golden coins of the yellow house?? Today we’re gonna talk about the main front of Illustration in Cafundó: Giovanni Girardi. It’s an old buddy we have since 2010, and so on he has engalarged our borders and gave a special shine to our work. Just about he got here, he joined […]

#PratadaCasa 03 – Roland Roderjan

strong>#GoldenCoinathe 3rd has arrived! We are going to talk about out rcreative resources inside the studio. Today is a special date for designers in Brazil so let’s talk about our Art Web director. He whom has, besides some other stories, is a graduated designer from UFPR – city of Curitiba.. Roland Roderjan is the guy […]

#Pratadacasa 02: Douglas da Silva

If you haven’t seen our #GoldenCoin01, this is a special moment where  Cafundó is revealing to the world the talented ones that make our team shine abroud.. Now #GoldenCoins 2nd edition is gonna talk about a boy who came here to let everything work fine. This guy programmed this blog: if everything works, he is […]

Prata da Casa #1 – Felipe Fox

Cafundó is gonna to share its #GoldenCoins: the brave heros who passed through our trembling selection, slaying dragons and Léo-ns so they could seat at ease in a throne of the Yellow House. Ok, maybe not. But they are our precious creative resources that are able to transform fabulous ideas into reality. The one who […]

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A força da internet ainda depende do cérebro.

Our Stuff / posted by in 7 Feb of 2013

A post on gizmodo inspired me to write this post. It is about the validity of online  petitions, especially on that last BOOM against the new chairman of the Brazilian’s  senate , Renan Calheiros.

Online petitions that gather millions of signatures: that was one of the great insights  to developed the digital activism. It’s the ultimate weapon to fight against injustice. And it’s incredibly easy: you only have to read the title of the application, put your name, e-mail and click the “submit” button. And all the guilt of existence flows off of your back.

No, it will not be this easy. Law is not helping in this case: the ones who can take away  the mandate of this Guy is the Senate themself or the deputies. An issue like this should be handled strategically, Just like the case with “Ficha Limpa”  Law. “The”Ficha Limpa” law (PLP 518/09), cited as an example of Popular Initiative, had more than 1 million signatures of these laborious, involving people collecting signs throughout the country for over a year.” (by) The AVAAZ did a hidden force called SPAM, where each signature sent  an e-mail that filled the mailbox of deputies to approve the law.

And there lies the strength of a digital action, or a digital petition that carries the voice of millions. It should complement activities that have validation. You need to consider how is the Best way to use the tool you’ve got. Exploring their real advantages, we must attach to the FACTS and not base out action on the innocent fantasy  that anything that is not studied Will come to a effective result.

We must take care that these great tools not come against our ignorance, and give us this false comfort that social problems will be solved in one click. Instead, they continue to demand thinking heads, perseverance and dedication.

It’s not about stop what you’re doing. I have this opinion, but signed the petitions. The difference is that I know the consequences of signing, so I don’t rely on fantasy AND I’m still worried.

The power is here, while you’re reading this post online. This invisible force that takes my bits to you. Now, you have to know how to use this tool at hand!

So, can you think of a more effective way to take that guy out of the way? While nobody responds, I’m here signing online petition and a presence at the event’s facebook march to the old fashioned way. Above all, I still need to express myself, right?