Blog series which features the talents of the studio, the ones who compose our pulsating atmosphere;

Golden Coins: Pamella Pesarelli, 3D artist.

OI #GoldenCoins shows our 3D Artist Pamella Pesareli and her adventures around the 3D world.

Prata da Casa: James Brelaz, el Motion Designer

#GoldenCoins comes in this glory Monday to shake a little bit of your life. Today we talk about our precious James Brelaz, the Motion Designer that always has a hidden trick and know all the questions we may have about anything. (specially softwares!) Brelax, Breláz, Brêlaz. How long are you here at Cafundó and what […]

#PratadaCasa 4: Giovanni Girardi, Ilustrador.

Let’s discober the other golden coins of the yellow house?? Today we’re gonna talk about the main front of Illustration in Cafundó: Giovanni Girardi. It’s an old buddy we have since 2010, and so on he has engalarged our borders and gave a special shine to our work. Just about he got here, he joined […]

#PratadaCasa 03 – Roland Roderjan

strong>#GoldenCoinathe 3rd has arrived! We are going to talk about out rcreative resources inside the studio. Today is a special date for designers in Brazil so let’s talk about our Art Web director. He whom has, besides some other stories, is a graduated designer from UFPR – city of Curitiba.. Roland Roderjan is the guy […]

#Pratadacasa 02: Douglas da Silva

If you haven’t seen our #GoldenCoin01, this is a special moment where  Cafundó is revealing to the world the talented ones that make our team shine abroud.. Now #GoldenCoins 2nd edition is gonna talk about a boy who came here to let everything work fine. This guy programmed this blog: if everything works, he is […]

Prata da Casa #1 – Felipe Fox

Cafundó is gonna to share its #GoldenCoins: the brave heros who passed through our trembling selection, slaying dragons and Léo-ns so they could seat at ease in a throne of the Yellow House. Ok, maybe not. But they are our precious creative resources that are able to transform fabulous ideas into reality. The one who […]

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Oppa Gangnam Style e suas versões

Our Stuff / posted by in 8 Oct of 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style is already the most liked video on Youtube. In this digital era we are living, each one can create content and broadcast himself to the whole world. That’s what a million of Psy fan have made: they replicated the music at their own style.

There are so many versions that we can’t stop asking (ok, maybe only I can’t stop asking myself) : How do we know they’re all Gangnam Style? I mean, there might have some elements that we recognize as the ones printed in the music. If that is so, can we point a unique common element that gather all the different versions?

We selected the best videos of different versions of Gangnam Style so that we can study thiese important questions. Now, let’s check it out together and try to find out if we can find the unique element.

The coolest version ever (as Pink Vader said it).We have the melody and some parts of the dance are pretty easy to notice.

The nerd version. We have the dance as it is, and the whole music. But there is an element that is kind of different: Skyrim?!

The otaku version: We have the whole music and a lot of fans dancing like crazy.

The 8bits version: The music and the clip were transformed into 8bits technology.

The guitar version: We have the melody interpreted in a different rythm – at least the lyrics are untouched.

The deaf version: Exactly the same video, but hey! We don’t have the music, only sound effects. Oppa, we can’t tell the melody is the unique element anymore.

The version that should not exist: this time we have the melody, but we can’t say it’s Oppa Gangam Style because it is now named Despedida de Solteiro.


Each version has a different aproach in reproducing the meme – this basic unit of information that spread arround minds.

But let’s face it: It’s impossible to pick it up only one fundamental element, right?