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Golden Coins: Pamella Pesarelli, 3D artist.

OI #GoldenCoins shows our 3D Artist Pamella Pesareli and her adventures around the 3D world.

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#GoldenCoins comes in this glory Monday to shake a little bit of your life. Today we talk about our precious James Brelaz, the Motion Designer that always has a hidden trick and know all the questions we may have about anything. (specially softwares!) Brelax, Breláz, Brêlaz. How long are you here at Cafundó and what […]

#PratadaCasa 4: Giovanni Girardi, Ilustrador.

Let’s discober the other golden coins of the yellow house?? Today we’re gonna talk about the main front of Illustration in Cafundó: Giovanni Girardi. It’s an old buddy we have since 2010, and so on he has engalarged our borders and gave a special shine to our work. Just about he got here, he joined […]

#PratadaCasa 03 – Roland Roderjan

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Prata da Casa #1 – Felipe Fox

Cafundó is gonna to share its #GoldenCoins: the brave heros who passed through our trembling selection, slaying dragons and Léo-ns so they could seat at ease in a throne of the Yellow House. Ok, maybe not. But they are our precious creative resources that are able to transform fabulous ideas into reality. The one who […]

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O Efeito Placebo e as marcas nossas de cada dia

Our Stuff / posted by in 6 May of 2011

During the early years of the 1960s, a young cardiologist in the U.S. city of Seattle named Leonard Cobb*, conducted a test using the techniques of a surgical procedure directed to the treatment of angina, with a certain modification that generated amazing results. Instead of making two small incisions in the chest and tied two arteries in an attempt to ensure greater flow of blood to the heart, Dr. Cobb made the same incision, but not tying them. Incredibly, with this method the “fake surgery” led by him reached exactly the same effectiveness levels of regular surgeries.

After this brief introduction watch the video below. After, I would like to share some ideas with you.

The next lines combine medicine, brand strategy and the unknown. Let’s look at the belief and the mind. Are you ready?

In the brief description of the “fake surgery” and the video above, the power of so-called placebo effect is evident. A placebo may be a drug, a pill, an injection, a medical or even surgery if it is false. That’s right: a lie. But how can someone be cured of a problem, a phobia, even a disease, following a treatment of “sugar pills”? Then we begin to understand its power over mind and body function, attitudes and feelings of each one of us.

In medicine, the placebo treatment is a method that induces the patient to believe in the improvement of its condition. With this induction, via medication or surgery, the patient visualizes the healing and in return receives a significant biochemical effect, unaware that is flour pill, which the ultrasound is off and that surgery is a theater. Just the mind playing a trick on the individual, fueled by the belief and hope for improvement and counting on the help of all the sensitive environment that forms around a critical moment involving health.

Now the question: If the Placebo Effect is nothing more than waking up with positive beliefs and expectations focus on the well-being and quality of life, there had been a similar effect for relationship between brand x consumer?

If placebos used in different ways and intensity (the compressed size, texture, taste or smell, for example) generate results that can be measured, all this movement, in my point of view, is closely linked to relationship, engagement and enchantment of clients.

Sensory experiences involving people and brands, based upon consistent insights and studies on the behavior of the public that the brand / product you want to attract, once well planned, produced and implemented may affect the brain and nervous system of potential consumers.

Making people smile is an idea that is being increasingly adopted by the brands. This movement, which can be translated as merchandising ROR – return on relationships – should be a goal pursued with the same voracity with which we treat the infamous ROI – return on investment. Engaging the public in campaigns and actions that contextualize their way of living and perceiving the world through the universe of brands. Storytelling, gameplay (gamification), engage, interact, influence attitudes and purchasing to create unique environments for brands and products.

I want to make clear that what I’m not defending the farce that the Placebo Effect suggests. But to extract the idea that permeates its effects: in search of a cure, in full satisfaction in having done a good business or identifying passionate (often unexplained) of a human being for a certain  brand, it would be interesting if the communication, marketing, advertising professionals realized that a similar campaign unique and different  gain more firepower if is related not only to content you want to pass people, but also as intense as we want to captivate them. Many companies already do this daily.

I also think that the medicine is an area of knowledge absurdly fantastic. In short, brilliant. However, if my body, mind and spirit allows, I prefer to stay farther away from hospitals and closer and closer to the ideas, sensations and feelings that move people.


* fontes/fonts: the skeptic’s dictionary
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